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March 2020

We really hope you are keeping well during these unprecedented times. Please be aware the newsletter content continues to follow the theme of our last session ‘Engaging Parents’ and not Covid19 specific support. I am emailing out resources and information as I become aware, if you have anything useful to share with the group please send to me and I will forward on.

Welcome to any new members of the EWB Network!

The purpose of the EWB Network is to;

  • Share best practice
  • To discuss challenges that we face as professionals
  • To promote early intervention and prevention
  • To identify training needs
  • To share local news, and to ask questions and learn!

February 25th saw the fifth EWB Network of the academic year. We had 53 attendees including lots of new faces. The theme of this session was Engaging Parents and Carers. There was a unanimous understanding of this particular aspect of whole school approach being one of the most difficult to achieve successfully. Some parents can have difficult relationships with education for various reasons, we often talk about these parents as “hard to reach”. Ofsted and NICE have clear guidelines on this topic. You can find them by clicking here.

A few ideas from the network to mention relating to engaging parents and carers;

  • Consider a Parents section on your school website full of information and resources that you can signpost parents to. A school mentioned the use of Poverty Proofing to consider for parents living in poverty who may not have access to the internet.
  • For isolated parents, or parents struggling to engage with schools you may consider a Parent Buddy system.
  • One of our schools has engaged well with parents by focusing first on their wellbeing rather than their child’s. Different activities such as attending galleries, going for picnics, use of free activities in the area have worked well.
  • Lots of schools have utilized parents evening as an opportunity to speak to parents regarding their mental health and their child’s, with a questionnaire provided to capture their voice. If private conversations are preferred, some schools have provided a recreational space for the children to wait – played films, games etc.
  • Salma (Family worker for MHST schools) has delivered “Be a mum, Be a me” pamper sessions for mums. The school nurse also attended for future co-facilitation. They reached out to parents individually and enticed them with a hamper.
  • Opportunities for networking such as monthly coffee afternoons, weekly parent/partner sessions and 1:1 appointments with EWB Lead has worked well.
  • Running the Step Course with family support worker – for parents with anxiety. Rosa Forrest's parent information sessions have also proved very successful.

  • Get in touch if you were unable to attend and have some further questions. Please see the powerpoint and some shared case studies.

Northorpe Hall Services Update

Our Family ASC worker, Colette Hampson has begun supporting families of young people with an ASC diagnosis, or awaiting assessment.

  • Cygnet programme has now started
  • Family seminars; understanding autism, managing anger, sensory sensitivity
  • 1:1s also offered

Please see this document for details.

Our Chill n Chat sessions for parents are well underway, contact Rosa Forrest for any information regarding parent engagement.

Please see list of Kirklees services to share with parents/professionals

Please see Kirklees employment support service. Some schools have accessed the workshops and activities for parents, and hosted the sessions at school to improve engagement.

National Update and Resources

  • Charlie Waller have a fantastic section for parents full of resources and information
  • Please encourage your parents to access information through the Young Minds. They can also access support through the parent helpline Mon-Fri 9.30-4pm.
  • Parentkind's mission is to support, engage and champion parents in education. Please see their website for resources. Stay tuned regarding Kirklees partnership with them.

Trailblazer Update

Wave 1 MHST it is embedded in schools. This wave includes Crosland moor and Lockwood, ABC, HD5, Thrive South, Thrive West and Thrive East schools. There was due to be a show and tell event on the 18th March to discuss our project to other national areas that have an MHST team. This has now been postponed until further notice following government advice.

Local News

Our Young Champions Training delivered by Time to Change was delivered on February 12th to selected secondary and college provisions. We are delivering follow up sessions in April. Will feedback to the network with any developments and observations.

Overall feedback from parents regarding our service averages at 9/10 score. They also report a 7.7/10 improvement in their child’s wellbeing after accessing our support.

Our Timid to Tiger parenting programme for parents with children under the age of 11 has been very successful. So far there have been no drop-outs, and some couples have attended together.

For Child/Young Person

  • Back to School - Post 16
  • Back to School - Primary
  • Back to School - Secondary
  • Building Resilience (aged 8-11 must be accompanied by a parent/carer)
  • General Anxiety (aged 11+)
  • Low Mood (aged 11+)
  • Managing Worry (aged 8-11 must be accompanied by a parent/carer)
  • Understanding and Managing Emotions (aged 11+)

For Parents/Carers

  • ASC (Autism Spectrum Condition) Awareness Session
  • Back to School Support for Parents and Carers
  • Introduction to Children and Young People's Mental Health
  • Introduction to Self-Harm
  • Maintaining Positive Emotional Well-being
  • Positive Communication and Attachment
  • Supporting Sleep
  • Supporting yourself as a carer and where to find help
  • The Teenage Brain
  • Understanding and Supporting Anxiety
  • Understanding Behaviour as Communication

Owing to the coronavirus outbreak, workshops are all now run online until further notice.

Please be aware there is a new booking system. You will need to supply a mobile phone number. We will then send you reminders before the workshops and you will be able to log in to cancel if needed.

Peer Mentoring

Kirklees Youth Mentoring at Northorpe Hall has now finished its initial 4 year project, as part of which we worked with Kirklees High Schools to help them set up peer mentoring programmes. We are hopeful that we will be successful in securing further funding and in the meantime Mabel Keogh will still be available to offer support and guidance. There is now also a new, free resource available to help you set up a peer mentoring programme that Mabel has put together. It includes guidance, resources and a training presentation. Whether you’re a school we have worked with in the past, or a school that is thinking about peer support, please feel very welcome to contact Mabel for a chat on 01924 492183 or e-mail mabe.keogh@northorpehall.co.uk

Training Update

Please review our CORE training offer and get in touch if you would like to access any of the free training sessions available.

Josie will call you to complete a booking form consultation prior to any booking confirmation.

1 in 8 young people are experiencing mental health problems at any one time. I am working with the Anna Freud Centre to deliver free Mental Health Awareness Training to two staff members of eligible schools. The training is developed by clinical and education experts and 98% of attendees in September would recommend our Mental Health Awareness training. Visit this link to find out more.

EWB Network Events 2019/2020

Please book on to as many EWB networks as you can over the academic year. Each session will have its own theme relating to the 8 model whole school approach. Unfortunately, following recent government advice, we are postponing all EWB network events until further notice. We will keep you posted with regular updates.

We will be planning a summer celebration event for EWB leads to showcase developments of their whole school approach to EWB.

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Waiting times

  • 16.8 weeks for Counselling
  • 34.5 weeks for Direct Support EHW
  • 26.3 weeks for Direct Support SP
  • 22.8 weeks for Group Work

  • This is from the date of the original support request.

    Counselling is delivered by therapists. Direct Support is delivered by Senior Practitioners & Emotional Health Workers. Find out more information here.

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