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June 2021

A warm welcome to any new members of the Emotional Wellbeing Lead Network (EWL).

Meet the New Team Members

We are really pleased to introduce ourselves as new Education Links team members at Northorpe Hall. Anna Monaghan has now moved overseas so we will be looking to build on the excellent work Annie has already completed. Annie has been at Northorpe for many years and will be sorely missed. Hannah Brunskill, who many of you will have met, continues to be part to the team.

Nina Thomas - I have worked at Northorpe Hall for over three years now and have probably spoken to many of you in the role of a Wellbeing Support Worker. Previously I have worked as a Pastoral Head of Year for a local Kirklees High school, as Targeted Youth Support Worker Lead Practitioner and have around 20 years experience of working with children, young people, their families and their communities. I’m looking forward to working in a new role and collaborating my work experiences to support CYP in their mental health.

Helen Parker - I am new to Northorpe Hall and really looking forward to working with schools to help them to develop whole school approaches to supporting all young people with emotional and mental health needs – there has never been a time more than now that it is needed. I am a former Kirklees Head Teacher, so I have seen first-hand the many emerging needs in schools and the impact it has on the young person and wider school. I am looking forward to building relationships with as many schools as possible in the future.

Northorpe Hall Reports for Schools

We are keen to provide relevant information to schools about children and young people who are accessing the service. Regular, individual reports for each Kirklees School are being sent this term detailing the number of referrals made, names of young peoples, who their allocated worker is and an overview of the primary presenting issues. We hope that this report is useful for schools and are keen for any feedback, specifically how you use it to support your school wide approach. Please send any feedback to educationlink@northorpehall.co.uk

The report is sent by post for the attention of the school’s named Emotional Wellbeing Lead held on our system. Please ensure we have up to date contact details for your school so that the information reaches the correct person.

Current Service Update

Thriving Kirklees has received an unprecedented number of support requests since the return to education in March, receiving on average 130 new support requests per week. We are also seeing a significant increase in calls identifying risk, either suicidal thinking, significant self-harm or eating concerns. Unfortunately, due to this, time is being spent responding to safeguarding calls which along with the increased demand is resulting in significant waits for those awaiting a call back where there is no current risk identified. Please bear with us if you are awaiting a call, we will respond as soon as we are able to, and all of your calls are important to us.

To see information on current service demand on the emotional health and wellbeing pathway within Thriving Kirklees and outcomes of the ChEWS service at Northorpe Hall Please see click the link to the dashboard below:


We are working closely with partners and commissioners to monitor and respond to the current impact of the increased demand.

While families are awaiting call backs please ensure that they are aware of the workshops and information sessions that we have available and encourage them to attend. We have also included some self-care information in the newsletter to support families and young children over the summer period.

More details on the ChEWS core offer and what is available can be found here - Core Offer in order to see what is available for schools to access to support the whole school approach to children’s mental health in schools.

If you are a school with an MHST (Mental Health Support Team) and there is no risk identified please book yourselves into the discussion meetings by emailing KirkleesMHST@swyt.nhs.uk to discuss any young people you fell would benefit from support.

National News

The NSPCC has released figures which show that, since April 2020: the Childline service has carried out 73,088 counselling sessions with children and young people about mental or emotional health, 5,646 of which were sessions with children aged 11 or under, an increase of 29% when compared to the previous year. Figures also show that in 2020/21, the first full year of living under Coronavirus restrictions, Childline has delivered 16,610 counselling sessions about abuse - with counselling sessions about emotional abuse showing an increase of 18% when compared to the year before.

Read the news story: Thousands of young people speak to Childline about mental health and abuse during the pandemic

Developing a School Wide Approach to Supporting Mental Health & Wellbeing

Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families:

5 Steps to Mental Health & Wellbeing

5 Steps to Mental Health and Wellbeing is an evidence-based framework for schools and colleges to embed a whole school approach. It will help you to support staff, lead change, and engage with parents, carers and the community so that you can meet your pupils' and students' needs.

You can register for free to access an interactive planning tool, resources, and examples of best practice at


Please contact us on educationlink@northorpehall.co.uk if you would like any support with this.

Resources for the Summer Holiday

Due to the success of the Anna Freud Centre’s #SelfcareSummer campaign last year, and the 650% increase in interest in the self-care page during lockdown, the Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families are running the campaign again this year. We strongly recommend that you promote this within your setting to support children and their families over the summer period.

rainbow heart silhouette

As part of this year’s campaign, the Centre has created #SelfcareSummer packs for Primary and Secondary schools. With a range of creative activities, the #SelfcareSummer Primary pack aims to help children identify strategies that help them should they feel low or anxious.

The #SelfcareSummer Secondary pack aims to help young people create their own individual self-care plan for the summer holidays based on strategies other young people have identified as helpful. Both packs also signpost young people and their families to additional support and the AFC crisis messenger text service – should they find themselves struggling over the summer period.

Our #SelfcareSummer campaign highlights various self-care strategies young people have told us help them when they are feeling low or anxious. These strategies are taken from our self-care page, which includes over 90 self-care strategies. The campaign will feature a range of voices including the Centre’s Young Champions, Parent Champions and clinicians.

The campaign includes ‘Challenge Tuesdays’ where young people can share their artwork, photography, poems, crafts or activities that are helping them stay mentally healthy over the summer.

Jaime Smith, Director of the Mental Health and Wellbeing in Schools Programme at the Anna Freud Centre says: “The last few months of lockdown have been tough for most of us, and for many, Summer holidays and other plans may have been cancelled as we continue to live with uncertainty.

Just as we look after our physical health, it’s important to look after our mental health. There are a lot of things you can do to look after yourself. So, we really encourage children, young people and their parents and carers to focus on self-care over the Summer, and Primary and Secondary schools to use the #SelfcareSummer packs with their pupils.

Young people tell us that self-care can really help them when they’re struggling, not as a substitute for seeing a mental health professional, but as a way of helping to find strategies that work for them. Everyone’s approach to self-care is different, and what works for some young people might not work for others. So put aside some time every day for yourself and say what you will do to look after your mental health.”

#SelfcareSummer is supported by Nominet.

Group of Feet in a Circle

Workshops for children, young people and their parents/carers

We offer a range of workshops online and face to face to explore a number of common mental health concerns providing information and useful things to try to support. Please click the link below to book onto sessions available for children and young people and their parents/carers. For online sessions we will be using Zoom and you will need to sign up with an email address we can contact you on and have access to a computer/laptop and a quiet space at the time of the session for 45mins.

May Emotional Wellbeing Lead Network Meeting


  • Share best practice
  • To discuss challenges that we face as professionals
  • To promote early intervention and prevention
  • To identify training needs
  • To share local news, and to ask questions and learn!

Our May 2021 network meeting focussed on staff wellbeing as it is recognised that more must be done to support school leaders, teachers and other school staff to ensure that their mental health and wellbeing is prioritised. If schools don’t recognise the importance of this there is a chance that they will fail not only staff, but the children and young people they support. It was reassuring to hear of some of the great things taking place in schools to support staff wellbeing:

  • Secret Saints
  • Random Acts of Kindness
  • Positive messages from SLT to staff
  • Staff Running Club
  • Staff Support Bubble

We would love to hear about any other staff wellbeing approaches in schools. Please send us any positive approaches your school may be taking.

Anna Freud’s document, Ten Ways to Support Staff Wellbeing, was looked at and recommended as a starting point for schools. Please look for further ideas for your school.

An overview of Kirklees Employee Health Care was provided. Kirklees Schools who sign up to this service can access a wealth of tools free of charge for staff. Some Kirklees staff were not aware of this, yet there are some excellent services available. The services can be accessed either through self-referral or via a management referral. Portal (eopas.co.uk) If asked for a company reference please use: M500B587. Support includes:

  • Physiotherapy
  • Counselling and wellbeing support
  • Lifestyle & Wellbeing programmes such as HEAL, X-pert Weight Management, Smoking cessation
  • Wellbeing campaigns and initiatives
  • Training workshops: resilience, self-confidence, burnout, menopause awareness.
  • Wellbeing Champions and peer Support groups

Shared also was the Care First 24 hour for Kirklees staff who offer support, advice and assistance on a wide range of issues which affect daily life such as finance, family and personal relationships, employment, health and housing.

Care first Advice and Information Service and Counselling Service 0800 174319

Local News

Young Creative Minds

Join Young Creative Minds' FREE singing groups for people aged 11-18 who are from Kirklees, Wakefield, Calderdale and Barnsley and who want to have fun and improve their wellbeing. You don’t need any previous singing experience.

For more information, click here to view their leaflet.

PSHE Association

Kirklees schools continue to have FREE access to PSHE Association for 2021-22. This is an excellent resource for schools to use for PSHE Lessons and know that many schools are already using it.


Waiting times

  • 11.2 weeks for Counselling support
  • 24 weeks for direct support with an Emotional Health Worker
  • 20.6 weeks for direct support with a Senior Practitioner

  • This is from the date of the original support request.

    Counselling is delivered by therapists. Direct Support is delivered by Senior Practitioners & Emotional Health Workers. Find out more information here.

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